Classic Service

Our main goal as a full service music production business is to provide our clients with the technological and creative support they need in order to empower them and bring their visions to life. As artists ourselves, we know what it means to be on “the other side of the glass,” and strive to bring our experience with all facets of music to your work.

Vintage Vibe

In terms of process, equipment, and environment, we aim to bring life to records and the recording process in a way that is often missing in today’s digital world. In our studio, we orchestrate an environment that is warm and comforting in a way that supports and encourages the creative process. On the tech side, we choose to employ select vintage technology in our signal chains to bring a certain warmth and heft to recordings, the same way countless records have been made since their dawn.

Pure Fidelity

At the end of the day, all of your carefully crafted and executed performance will be captured using state of the art analog to digital converters by Antelope Audio. We find that this provides the most pure canvas for creating the soundscapes of your wildest imagination.

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